Rabbit Auction 2013

This site has been created to try and raise money for Cancer research UK, when I saw what Sue Dickinson has been doing for this charity I just knew I had to help somehow. I lost my mother when I was just 15 and im sure this terrible disease has touched many of our lives. So I ask you to dig deep and bid high on the wonderful selection of stock that is on offer. The bids are public and I ask anyone who wishes to bid to please sign the guestbook first and include full name, stud name, email address and website if you have one so I can verify your bids. I will endeavor to check that any bidders are suitable homes but the site holds no responability for the stock offered and the subsequent purchase. If you would like your bid to be private then email me [email protected] and I will bid on your behalf please include your maxium bid on this email. Private bidding will only be accepted from breeders that I can verify. The responsability for collection of the rabbit lies with the bidder and must be collected if available within 3 weeks of the end of the auction unless agreed otherwise with the seller. Private bids will remain that I will only allow the person that has donated the rabbit to know who has bid but nobody else will be told. If the guestbook is not signed before bidding then them bids will be removed. The lots are numbered and listed on the lots pages and bidding can be done via the bidding pages where further details of the seller can be found. BIDDING ENDS IN 7 DAYS TIME SO MIDNIGHT NEXT SUNDAY!!!!!

All payments are to be made via the just giving page and all payments are public so once the payment has been made the purchase is complete and I will email the seller to confirm payment has been received.